Syndicated The Clone Wars airing in chronological order

Last week, we reported that the first two seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was headed into syndication. Today, Holocron keeper Leland Chee tweeted that the syndicated version will be aired in chronological order:

At least on the Holocron’s local TV station. A check of the my local TV listings also show my local station starting with the same two episodes, both of which happen just before the events of The Clone Wars film. Check your local listings, most likely for the weekend of September 15 and 16.

Will this be a soft way to introduce the proper timeline for the first two seasons (which did skip around a bit as the show was getting its bearings)? But since a good chunk of the first half of season three was also forming prequels and sequel to existing episodes, it seems that the syndication airing timeline is only a piece of the puzzle to a final chronological order.

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  1. As in what network will be showing it in syndication? It will be on broadcast TV in different markets. You can use to help see if it will be on in your area – in my area, a CW network affiliate will be showing it, while in other areas it might be a MyTV station or a non-affiliated station.

  2. In Boston it is on WBIN TV. But it is starting with Malevolence Rising and the second episode doesn’t show what episode it is. But it is on September 16.

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