Star Wars corrupting the youth of America?

Graeme McMillan at io9 ponders how subversive the Star Wars saga was to American children with its heroes lying and villains telling the truth, the coolest place to hang being a bar, and the revelation that really, violence, will solve all your problems. Meanwhile, Charlie Jane Anders wants Hollywood to stop hitting Control-Alt-Delete on genre franchise films (Lookin’ at you, Star Trek and the DC Universe!)

2 Replies to “Star Wars corrupting the youth of America?”

  1. First the latter article: I agree. But I think SW canon is still in pretty good shape. And I think Mr. Chee was just alluding to the difficulties of keeping it in shape, not saying it had become fractured.

    Now the former article: I disagree. Haha. At least for the sake of argument:

    Luke’s violent tendencies were almost his undoing, as we saw at the end of ROTJ, but he realized the error of his ways just in time to let evil destroy itself.

    Yes, good guys sometimes lie. And yes, bad guys sometimes tell the truth. It’s suggesting moral complexity, not a reversal of the basic tenets we hold dear. There was bad in Obi-Wan and good in Vader, like a yin-yang. Or something.

    And finally–erm, OK, that’s kind of bugged me for a long time, too. But Anakin isn’t exactly forgiven, I’d say. The universe (& Leia, if not Luke) continues to hate him for some time. The appearance of his Force ghost just said that ultimately, he made the right choice–not that he had never made a wrong one.

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