Support Dave Wolverton’s son by buying books on Wednesday

Courtship of Princess LeiaBen Wolverton, the teenaged son of Star Wars author Dave Wolverton, was recently in an accident and is currently in a coma. As you may know, many authors don’t have the health care coverage of an employer-based insurance, and the Wolverton family could use a boost to help with Ben’s medical care. His website is calling for a book bomb on Wednesday, April 10 – basically a big one-day drive for book sales.

Check out their Facebook event, A Book Bomb for Ben, to get links to buy Wolverton’s award-winning 2011 young adult fantasy novel, Nightingale (written under his pen name for his fantasy books, David Farland), or his guide for writers, Million Dollar Outlines. Or you can donate money directly to Ben’s recovery. And help spread the word!

As David Farland, Wolverton has written the fantasy series, The Runelords, and has started the Nightingale series. In the Star Wars sandbox, Wolverton is best known for introducing the witches of Dathomir in The Courtship of Princess Leia, while also penning The Rising Force, the first in Scholastic’s Jedi Apprentice series, and several of the books in the Scholastic Episode I Adventures and Star Wars Missions gamebook series, and short stories in each of the three original trilogy Tales anthologies.

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