Sue Rostoni on Fate of the Jedi story conference

So I’ve pretty much given up any hope for a complete Fate of the Jedi panel report at this point (this is the last time I’ll bring it up) but Sue Rostoni did make a post on the forums about the Fate of the Jedi story conference that was held at SDCC. It’s not that long, all things considered, but here’s the bulk of it:

I feel honored to be able to contribute creatively and watch the really talented people take a small idea and come up with captivating situations. And the interaction among the authors works exceptionally. Christie would have a spark of an idea that Aaron would hit on and set up in his book; Troy would see something developing in Christie’s book that he’d want to finish off; some small throw-away line would become a set-up for something happening somewhere else…

2 Replies to “Sue Rostoni on Fate of the Jedi story conference”

  1. I’m surprised fans of literature didn’t write up a panel about books! :)

    My defense — I can’t report a panel I moderate.


  2. I know I’ve been overreacting. :P I’m not even sure why – we got the news, right?

    I didn’t even think it would be an issue – if you guys didn’t do one, certainly TFN/Rebelscum would. Right? Well, no. Guess their book guys didn’t go, either.

    Maybe next year. Sigh.

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