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  1. Ooo! Can I be first?! I’ll do a mix of Star Wars and other fandoms.

    1. Star Wars Celebration IV – Even though we fell to Mary’s persuasive powers and ended up on Team Cake, I had such a good time doing this show. So many interesting things happened. It was a lovely facility. And shopping! :)
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Not only was the pre-release hype a lot of fun, but the book really delivered a great end to a fantastic story.
    3. “Sunday” and other resurrection themes – One of the most powerful Stargate stories ever, Sunday saw the loss of the much-beloved Carson Beckett. It was a huge risk for the franchise, but the story was well-told. Subsequent fan-inspired craziness has brought a reprieve for the character that we’ll get in 2008.
    4. “Unending” – Another big moment in the Stargate franchise. SG1 leaves the air, but goes on and on.
    5. Star Trek – It’s been hilarious watching the casting process for this one. The rumors have been insane! But JJ Abrams has managed to make everyone excited about Trek again. That’s something.
    6. Heroes – Even with a shaky start to the second season, Heroes remains one of the most interesting genre shows out there.
    7. Battlestar Galactica – Who saw those revealed Cylons coming? Really. Who saw that coming?
    8. R2D2 Mailboxes – Honestly. Many of us went on elaborate field trips just to find a mailbox. That’s power! (Plus, so cute!)
    9. Star Wars 30 – How old did this make you feel? Star Wars is 30 years old. For far too many of us, this represents 30 years of our lives. In some ways, it’s gone by quickly. In other ways….30 years! Still, it’s been fun to be able to say that I’ve been along for the whole ride. And what a great ride it’s been.
    10. Geek is Chic – Okay. This one’s a way for me to cheat a bit. But 2007 saw such catering to the geeks, it was unreal! We not only got specials like Robot Chicken and Family Guy, but the networks actually attempted to court us. This, naturally, results in spectacular flops like Bionic Woman and Flash Gordon. But it also meant things like Chuck, Moonlight, Torchwood.

    So while 2007 sucked in many ways, it also brought some good. Yay geeks!

  2. already posted this a few days ago on my blog:

    10. The sheer spate of Star Wars books and comics. I’ll talk about a few more in detail later in the list, but we got the awesomest pop-up book ever, some great story development in the comics series Dark Times, Rebellion, and Knights of the Old Republic, the ultimate wow factor of the Star Wars Vault book, the wackiness of the MAD about Star Wars anthology, and the view from on board the technological terror in Death Star and more of the lads fighting for the Republic.. and for their future in Republic Commando: True Colors.

    9. Young Indiana Jones on DVD ok. not actually Star Wars, but from the Lucasverse.. finally, one of my favorite shows comes to DVD, as part of the build up for Memorial Day 2008, when LEGO Indiana Jones comes out.. and also the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    8. Robot Chicken Star Wars Special. while i missed its airing since we were in Europe, we caught it at Marisa’s house at her 4th of july party. “Your tongue can’t repel flavor of this magnitude!” (and i got to meet Seth Green at C4).

    7. Star Wars PocketModel trading card game. Debuted at Celebration IV, this collectible game combines cute little buildable plastic star wars ships (and now groud craft with the expansion that came out last month) with some strategy and fun in a card game. i need more ships! so long to Pirates, i’ve got a pocket model Star Destroyer and a Millennium Falcon now!

    6. Legacy of the Force novels. This year had plenty of stuff going on, with Jacen’s turn to the dark side, and murder (and frame job) of his aunt, Luke’s wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, and rounding towards the end of the series with Luke getting back into action to put an end to Jacen’s jaunt toward becoming just like Vader.

    5. Clips of Family Guy: Star Wars special at Comic-Con – that opening scene blew me away with the great animation, and the gags during the TIE fighter chase were one of the best parts of the whole show. seeing it on a big screen in a room with friends in a crowd of 4,000 star wars fans – added bonus.

    4. Battlestar Galactica – Season 3 Finale If you hear music that no one else hears, you might be a Cylon…. wait. this is a star wars list. still, frakkin’ awesome. (and also going up to see BSG: Razor on the big screen with sirrogue in the OC.)

    3. Legacy comics – revelation of Darth Krayt’s identity as he starts Cade Skywalker on the dark path. this was pretty huge. (that and K’Kruhk’s return in Legacy)

    2. Artoo-Deetoo mailboxes – i found at least eight of them in California. MAD magazine has been drawing parallels between our favorite astromech droid and postal receptacles for 30 years, and finally it comes true – all over the US. thanks to whitney for humoring me on a side trip through Modesto just to find them in George Lucas’ hometown.

    1. Star Wars Celebration IV – a huge party with friends from all over to geek out with (meeting all the CJ’ers, friends from Fan Force and LiveJournal, and friends who i first met at earlier Celebrations, and the cool panels (the few i got to see), the wackiness of afterhours fun, and of course, the Kessel Run, which Dan and I put on, (and the hours spent staffing the Kessel Run booth telling people it was too late to sign up).

  3. The OS list was pretty on-target… though I would have put the non-fic books (which they ranked at #2) right at the top. We’re living in the golden age of cool SW books.

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