Starlog won’t kill your trees anymore…

Starlog, a magazine that was my lifeline to geekdom when I was a kid, is ending its print magazine and moving to online only.

Y’see, kids (she says, putting on her best old person voice), back in the day, this was one of the few ways to get any news on the geeky stuff.  I can remember my complete shock and utter joy to find Starlog magazine.

These were people who understood me!  They covered things I wanted to hear about!  I would bore my mother for hours regurgitating everything I’d read in it.

Alas, the advent of the fast reporting of the internet and its increasing costs to publish has taken down this classic.  You’ll just need to content yourself by following them online.

Thanks again, Starlog!

2 Replies to “Starlog won’t kill your trees anymore…”

  1. That sounds kinda like how I felt when I read my first Wizard.

    …That is damn embarrassing. Particularly since I wasn’t even reading all that many comics at the time. In my defense, it was the early/mid-90’s.

  2. what a shame, I have some old and very cool Starlogs over here in the UK. Not sure if any British collectors will remember a shop called Andomeda in Birmingham, but it was the UK’s oldest sci-fi bookshop, It shut about 5 years ago, but they used to stock Starlog, as did Nostalgia and Comics (still going strong)
    I have a very cool Richard Marquand interview in Starlog where he describes what Lucas originally said aout the 9 episodes…VERY cool indeed.

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