Staring into the Crystal Skull

Head on over to Livejournal for a great three-part analysis of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from screenwriter Todd Alcott. (via)

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  1. I’m liking his analysis so far. The only thing that bothered me in the movie was the Oppenheimer quote. It was given out of context and in my opinion, made him sound arrogant. The quote, “I am the bringer of death” was said in full appreciation of the severity, danger, and horror unleashed as a direct result of his actions–a jarring and life-altering realization. For a man that spent his entire life after the atomic bomb drop trying to atone for his involvement (the other scientists involved even tried to get Truman to use a demonstration bomb instead of the actual one–their pleas were intentionally kept from Truman’s ears/eyes), I think the way they used his quotation in the film did him an extreme disservice.

  2. Great posts — thank you for finding those! I think I’ll enjoy my second viewing more for having read that.

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