Star Wars Story Talk: Rogue One – Trailer #2 reaction video


Time for another special episode of Star Wars Story Talk! This time, it’s a reaction video – showing me emote and express while watching the second trailer for Rogue One, that came out yesterday. Because I’m all about exuberance! Ok, maybe not, but at least Baby Jawa was in her reaction video to the first trailer.

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  1. Very cool watching you watching what we’ve already seen and feeling a bit of kinship. Fallen Jedi blew me away more than anything else….but also a real emotional definition of what it looks and feels like to have hope with impossible odds against you. I like this very much but also have a very bad feeling about this – that we just might learn that we love these new characters but the story line will show no mercy. And we all know what that means. Great job, James.

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