John Boyega fesses up: It was his Rise of Skywalker script on eBay (and more news)

On Good Morning America this morning, John Boyega admits it was his script that ended up on eBay.

Boyega is also joining co-star Daisy Ridley in picking Baby Yoda over the porgs. “So cute, man. I love baby Yoda,” he said to USA Today. “And you know what? I’m against everyone that wants to give that baby another name except for Baby Yoda. That is Baby Yoda.” He later talked about his stock modeling days and falling in love with acting.

After his debut on Seth Myers, Oscar Isaac talked about getting upstaged by Anthony Daniels with SiriusXM’s EW Live. The full interview will air on December 5. From yesterday, Daisy Ridley on Live With Kelly and Ryan said she’s earned her green belt in kickboxing, and talks dark Rey again.

And finally, some fun with merch from The Star Wars Show:

The Rise of Skywalker is tracking for “between $175 million and $200 million” on opening weekend, Variety reports.

More commercials with some glimpses of new footage, including some traditional stormtrooper mind-trickery

The video on the evolution of the stormtroopers – which first appeared with the Sith trooper’s SDCC debut – has finally had an official upload.

Two new Star Wars clothing collaborations: Levi and Columbia.

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