A new Rise of Skywalker clip and other news

The Rise of Skywalker clip that debuted in Fortnite yesterday is basically what leads up to the “Jedi Mind Trick” bit from the commercials. This version is a little dark but you get the idea.

Also in this post: Victoria Mahoney writes on how she nabbed the second-unit directing gig, new TV spots, some interesting interviews and one question with the Late Show folks. Read on!

Second-unit director Victoria Mahoney writes a guest column on how she got the job for The Hollywood Reporter.

Two new commercials with a pair of very interesting quotes from Palpatine and Kylo:

One one new one that I think has some new Sith trooper footage, but honestly, kinda starting to lose track:

In an interview with Joe.ie, Daisy Ridley says that Rey “asks more questions” in this one:

In this film, she’s asking questions so there’s already growth. She’s finding her feet and curious about things, not because someone else told her to be but because she’s asking the questions. She’s going on a journey but other characters in the film might not understand the journey that she’s going on. There are particular scenes when characters are questioning the choices that she’s making. But she knows why she’s doing it and I think the audience will be with her because the questions that the audience have are the questions that Rey has.

In Japan, J.J. Abrams teases that Ahsoka Tano may make an appearance. Well, fans have already spotted the Ghost in one trailer shot so sure, why not.

Oscar Isaac on how it’s hard to claim any ownership of Star Wars, even when one is actually in it.

J.J. Abrams and cast play “Just One Question” with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: