Friendship, flashing lights, and other things you’ll find in Rise of Skywalker (and other news)

A new featurette showcases the on-set friendships – primarily Daisy, John and Oscar – of The Rise of Skywalker.

Disney has issued a warning to theaters about The Rise of Skywalker containing sequences with flashing lights that could cause seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy. They’re working with the Epilepsy Foundation to get the news out.

At io9, Kathleen Kennedy and producer Michelle Rejwan on the challenges of ending the saga, what exactly in concluding here and

And at Hypable, co-writer Chris Terrio on how redemption is at the center of the story. At Polygon, he talks about how they started, and the difficulty of ending something you don’t want to see end.

There are glowing lightsaber Coke bottles, but they’re only available on a very limited basis in Singapore, and if you do manage to get one, the battery life is only 40 minutes. Great news for marketers, not-so-great news for a collector who hopes to eventually find a working one. But hey: Neat.

The Rise of Skywalker (Trailer #2)

Of course there’s Ralph McQuarrie inspiration in the film – and not just the throne.

A few more videos from the past few days:

Your moment of zen: Daisy Ridley saying “Sheev.”