Star Wars news roundup

Great American film, or Greatest American film?
The American Film Institute is revisited their list of the top American movies yesterday. In 1998, Star Wars was #15; this time, it’s moved up to #13! Also making the cut are American Graffiti (#62, up from #77) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (#66, down from #60.) New additions include Fellowship of the Ring (#50) and Blade Runner (#97.) Register on the site to download the list in PDF.


4 Replies to “Star Wars news roundup”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, a childhood without Robin Hood, Luke Skywalker or Spider-Man seems like hardly a childhood at all.

    I have to agree with this statement. Of course, the trick is knowing when.

    And that X-Wing mailbox is pretty nifty….

  2. Looking at that X-Wing mailbox, the main thing that runs through my head is a quote from Emkay from the game “X-Wing Alliance”: “Check your mail!”

  3. *Sigh*

    I WANT A X-WING MAILBOX! (granted, being Hobbie’s girl, it’d have to be a bit banged up from the crashes…)

    No fair. I live in a moble home park with lock boxes for mail, and when we move to my parent’s acerage, no one would be able to see it anyway!

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