Star Wars out this week: Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra

Two comics and three trades will grace the comic book shelves on Wednesday, November 15. Our new comics are Darth Vader #8 and Doctor Aphra #14. The trades are the complete Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron Volume 3: Legends Lost (collects #7, #14-19) and Rise of the Sith Volume 2, a Legends collection that looks to mostly draw on works set around and during The Phantom Menace.

Oh, and Battlefront II is coming out on Friday, I guess? Or it’s already out for some? I don’t know – games are so very much not my division, so that’s all you’ll get on that from here. (At least until someone does the obligatory roundup post with all the relevant info/clips that may pertain to things we do care about.)

Meanwhile, out last week was Star Wars #38 and The Force Awakens trade. There’s also a fresh printing of Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir – noteworthy as Dark Horse’s only entry into the current canon (Although the trade also includes some twice-over Legends content in the form of comics from Star Wars Tales.)

The deluxe version of The Rebel Files by Dan Wallace originally scheduled for release this week, but it hasn’t been up for preorder or promotion and has been pushed back. To when? Who knows.

Books are looking a lot more solid for the coming weeks, with our big pre-movie splash being December 5’s Canto Bight novella collection, and of course a motherlode coming with The Last Jedi on December 15. Our book schedule is locked and loaded.