Star Wars movies are coming to Digital HD Friday

Lucasfilm broke the news we were expecting with a commercial during tonight’s big college basketball game: All six of the existing films will be available “globally” in Digital HD this Friday, April 10.

Vendors being name-dropped in the media include iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, Amazon, Xbox Video, and the Playstation Store.

Yes, the original trilogy will be the most recent Blu-ray editions, because if they ever do release pre-SE versions, they will not play coy about it.

4 Replies to “Star Wars movies are coming to Digital HD Friday”

  1. I’ll be the one to say — this release is a big yawn.

    I’m not a special edition or prequel basher by any stretch of the imagination, but even I can see that Disney would have created tremendous Good Will with millions of fans still licking their wounds over pretty much everything released since 1983.

    1. I’m just boggled that anyone thinks/asks it at every release. That’s the ONLY reason I bother to mention it, because someone always asks. Like, of course it’s going to be a post-SE version. It’s a question that just gets stupider every time, because Disney/Fox/any business that likes money and isn’t run by George Lucas isn’t just going to sneak ‘the originals’ out in a random release, they’d make a big hairy deal about it.

      They do know there’s demand, EVERYONE knows, so I won’t rule out that a pre-SE version will NEVER happen. (Unless there’s something in contracts somewhere that precludes it, which I wouldn’t put past Lucas.) But the point is that post-SE is the default now, and if no one is saying otherwise, that’s what it is.

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