Star Wars Miniland at Legoland California adds a few more bricks

Boba Fett and LEGO Boba FettHoping to bring in more visitors, Legoland California has made some minor updates to their Star Wars miniland area, as well as hosting a series of Star Wars Days over the past few weekends to hype up the fun over the Spring Break period. Costumed members of the 501st and Rebel Legion were on hand to help add to the festivities in the Carlsbad theme park.

While Star Wars miniland only opened a year ago with seven dioramas (one for each of the main saga movies, and one for The Clone Wars,) in the theme park industry, you’ve got to keep things fresh (or at least advertise as such) to attract visitors. So this year, the Lego builders have created several additions to the miniland area:

Power Droid to the rescue!During the opening weekend, the official ribbon cutting was attended by several children from the Make-A-Wish foundation, while events were held for the visitors: a little costumed pageant at the park gates when Legoland opened, a 501st Legion droid hunt, costume contests for the kids, a scavenger hunt for Darth Maul figures hiding in Miniland USA, Jedi trivia, and showings of LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace. Over later weekends, the Maul scavenger hunt continued, as well as more costumed appearances by Rebel Legion and 501st Legion members. Also helping out during the opening weekend were members several local LEGO user groups and From Bricks to Bothans, the SW Lego group.

Join the Rebels!

The overall expansion to Star Wars miniland is not major. Other than the gallery of mini-figures and the Opee Sea Killer and Sandcrawler, most of the updates might not even be noticed by casual returning visitors. During the opening weekend, I was excited to see so many families wearing Star Wars t-shirts – kids and adults. And a lot of children competing in the costume contest. While some wore off-the-rack costumes, others had some unique and awesome creations, including a two-person AT-AT costume. But the big winners were an Imperial power droid, a LEGO ARC trooper, and an Aurra Sing. I would recommend that Star Wars fans try to visit during the periodic Star Wars Days that Legoland schedules a few weekends during the year, to maximize your fun from the galaxy far, far away.

Or just live vicariously through my photos…

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