Star Wars ladies gear announcement coming soon?

Steve Sansweet’s Facebook pick of the week has some hints about something that many of us have been grumbling about for a while:

Despite such occasional breakthroughs, female fans have long complained about the lack of stylish Star Wars clothing made for them—whether for young girls who have recently come to the saga through the weekly Star Wars: The Clone Wars series or the previous generation of women who have their own disposable income and want to show off their Geek Chic. For all the ladies, your wish is about to be granted in a very cool way. Stay tuned to your local Star Wars news channels for a major announcement any day now!

LFL’s current offerings are pretty varied, so I have faith they won’t make it all pink or anything. (Here’s a suggestion.)

UPDATE: Ashley Eckstein launches Her Universe, a Star Wars merchandise line for female fans.

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  1. Well, if it is indeed a whole line of things, a few pink/pastel/supercute chibi things wouldn’t bother me. There just needs to be variety.

  2. I’d appreciate a variety of colors. But I’d also love it if it weren’t all space battle graphics.

    If nothing else, this will be a source of great amusement.

  3. I just want plus size options. Most of the current shirts for women are too small, even the XL, which is what I usually wear

  4. Okay, so it took 33 years to officially recognize the existence of female fans. Hmm, I wonder how long it will take them to release some pregnant fashion? Or romper suits? Star Wars Valentine’s sweets? Perfume? Bling (okay, there’s some of that already ;-))? Argh, so much untapped potential… Come on, LFL, you can do better yet!
    And about that condom idea again: Just think about it! Remember that scene in Friends with Jennifer Aniston etc… How great would that have been with a nice Kamino Kimono product placement? Yeah, okay, I’ll just shut up. ;-)

  5. @Dunc: I don’t mind some pink or traditionally girly colors. At this point, we aren’t given a choice and that’s what bothers me.

    I’d also appreciate smaller sizes since everything I do find is far too large for me. I guess this is even more nitpicky, but what good are shirts that make me look like I’m wearing a nightie?

  6. I’d like a range because I am picky as all hell when it comes to graphics and the like. Which isn’t much fun as a bigger girl, either: There are virtually no options for me right now. I don’t mind all that much since there usually isn’t anything that tempts me anyway, even in the ‘guy’ stuff.

    But we still don’t know if Her Universe will offer plus sizes, so… ::shrug:: But it would be nice to have the option.

  7. Right. I think the key thing is options. Female fans haven’t had them in terms of Star Wars clothing. If they can make male clothing in a wide range of sizes and prints/colors, that shouldn’t be any different for female fans.

    If the Her Universe line doesn’t offer something for everyone, it’s at the very least a huge step in the right direction.

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