Star Wars Identities exhibition unveils some spiffy new images

With the Star Wars Identities museum exhibition opening in Montreal in April, the exhibition’s ad agency, Bleublancrouge released some additional promotional images by Louis Hébert for the show: a series of six character mosaic portraits highlighting the factors that build up identity. Zoom in or check out the full set of images on Darth Vader, Yoda, C-3PO, Queen Amidala, Boba Fett and a stormtrooper.

Put on by X3 Productions, Star Wars Identities opens at the Montreal Science Centre on April 19 and continues through September 16, then moves onto Edmonton’s Telus World of Science in October. The exhibition, which will showcase a large archive of original props and costumes while focusing on the science of identity, will then move onto Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim over the course of 6 years.

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  1. as with X3’s earlier LFL-licensed exhibition (Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology), it appears that the US is not on the tour schedule. it could be that the exhibition license specifically excludes the US, as other exhibitions might be licensed for the US (like the current Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition).

  2. Makes sense. I’d forgotten the Indiana Jones exhibit (which I’d also really like to see) was done by the same group.


  3. i agree with your Arg. i really wanted to see the Indy exhibit because i am both a big Indy fan and a big archaeology fan. this identities exhibit could be really neat if they dive into enough science..

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