Star Wars: Frames is finally coming out

The product we love to mock – the George-selected fancy screenshot set Star Wars: Frames – is finally going into production. Wired has video.

And for only $3,000! (The set was earlier reported to be priced at $5,000-$4,000.) Granted, the book does look interesting, but at that price! Ouch.

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  1. Ha ha I love all of George’s chums and employee’s singing his praises. Massively expensive book end!

  2. I want, want, want. ::whimper::

    The few frames they show in this video look stunning. And hand-sewn books with an inlaid case? I can see why the price went up there.

    I’m sure there are 1,138 collectors in the world who can easily afford this one and they’ll be gone in a minute. Maybe they’ll let someone drool over them?

    I wouldn’t complain if they released a lower quality version….

  3. That’s amazing. It would be really nice to be able to really look at frames in detail, when they’re not flying by at multiple frames a second.

    I say I would buy this book in an instant if I could, but I dunno…I don’t even own all six DVD’s.

    The local library probably won’t get a copy of this, though.

  4. Paula: Wired’s text and video both say the edition size is still 1,138 copies. Where’d you see 500?

    Amaranthine: The only library getting a copy of this anytime soon will probably be LFL’s own. Or maybe George will send one to USC.

  5. If you go on the ordering website, it says it’s limited to 500.

    You also have a $250 non-refundable pre-ordering deposit.

  6. I didn’t truly understand how MASSIVE this thing is until I saw it at C5. Frakking huge.

    The price is well outside my budget. If they released a version in the $100 range I’d consider it.

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