Star Wars flash drives to drop today?

Gizmodo reports that Mimoco is going to release a limited edition run of Darth Vader USB flash drives today. At $80 for 1GB and $170 for 4GB, they’re kinda pricey, though.

Next time they should offer a Han in Carbonite model. I’d pay $80 for the LOL factor alone.

ETA: TFN thoughfully cuts and pastes the press release.

ETA2: Order at Star Wars Shop.

2 Replies to “Star Wars flash drives to drop today?”

  1. LAAAAME. It’s just a re-painted version of some cutsie thing with ears. If it had been sleek, like one of those black iPods, with a vader symbol etched in, I totally would have started saving up. This one’s just stupid-looking, though.

  2. Duuuuude, I’d totally by a Han-in-Carbonite flash drive! That would be awesome!

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