Star Wars Bookstore Roundup

Well, DragonCon pretty much killed any bookstore shopping, last week. But I did manage to get a book there. And there was a little movement in the bookstores this week.

Flying Solo – by Jeremy Bulloch – I picked up a copy of Jeremy’s book at DragonCon. Just finished reading it and I have to give it a solid review. He not only includes stories about his stint as Boba Fett, but you get a lot of insight into the life of a working actor, as well as some great stories from the con circuit. There’s a great slip cover and it’s a lot of fun. But it’s limited to 2,000 copies, so you might want to pick one up, now.

New Jedi Order – Various – With the new films coming out and all the re-releases of Classic Trilogy books, it appears that Del Rey has tried to latch on to any new momentum. The first three books of New Jedi Order, Vector Prime, Dark Tide I and Dark Tide II, have been reissued for $4.99, instead of the usual $6.99 price. It doesn’t appear that Amazon has benefitted from this pricing drop, so you’ll probably have to venture to a physical book store to take advantage of the sale.

SFX Magazine – September, 2004 – While we wait for next month’s issues with two collector covers (Rebel and Imperial) to hit US shores, we can content ourselves with the 69 sexiest aliens. Darth Maul, Princess Leia and Han Solo all made the list. But T’Pol from Star Trek is number one? Hmm….

Until next week, super geeks.