Star Wars Blu-rays to be rereleased as commemorative steelbooks


The first six Star Wars movies are getting yet another Blu-ray makeover. The limited edition commemorative steelbooks look neat, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll have any new content. The ‘Complete Saga’ collection is also getting a facelift for re-release.

The steelbooks will be available for preorder on August 7 for a November 10 release, and the Complete Saga collection of all six films (so far) will drop on October 13.

5 Replies to “Star Wars Blu-rays to be rereleased as commemorative steelbooks”

    1. That Vader packaging is great. Simple and it’ll stand out on the shelves. I really hate the Precious Moments looking thing they put on the original set, but I’m not going to rebuy it because of that…

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