Star Trek: The Next Generation being remastered for Blu-Ray

Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive side-by-side comparison video on the upcoming transfer of Star Trek: The Next Generation to high definition. Remember how poor the show, especially the first season, appears now in re-runs? Well, the show is being cleaned up for a Blu-ray release later this year, for the 25th anniversary of the show, with the original film being recut and remastered for HD – no more videotape quality.

Before the full show’s Blu-ray release, CBS Home Video will be teasing fans with the early Blu-ray release pack , The Next Generation – The Next Level, which will contain three favorite episodes: the show’s two-hour premiere, ‘Encounter at Farpoint’, season three’s ‘Sins of the Father’ and season five’s ‘The Inner Light’. Get more details and see the trailer for the remastered sampler (yup, they made a trailer!) at

5 Replies to “Star Trek: The Next Generation being remastered for Blu-Ray”

  1. I am so freaking excited about this. I was really concerned when I heard they were fixing up the special effect shorts but after seeing the trailer my hopes are really high.

  2. it’s pretty amazing what simply re-scanning from the negatives can do, when compared to what we’re used to seeing when it gets aired…

  3. Have always been a HUGE Trek fan so these TNG sets are top of my Trek wanted list Well, that and my lifesize bust of Annika Hansen…

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