Star Trek gets own self-published infringer

Following in the hallowed footsteps of Lori Jareo, Austin P. Torney self-publishes Star Trek: The Death Wave. His cover makes Jareo’s look quite classy… and check out this summary:

An original screenplay/novelette that answers the question of how the warlike Klingons of Captain Kirk’s era came to their end and were replaced by the somewhat friendlier Klingons of the new generation; however, this story does not dwell much upon the Klingons, but upon Kirk’s forced retirement at age 65 and his return from it through a war for the galaxy in which he must become the ultimate chess master.

Might I interest sir in a period? (via)

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  1. I guess “learning from example” isn’t popular in some circles.

  2. Wait! There is another and it is so badly written that I can’ t help but cry. You have to read the section marked “About the Auther” (dang, I had to type that twice to misspell it properly). Death Wave by Michael Burkhardt, retired army.

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