Star Trek costume designer says he’s on board for Episode VII

Star Trek Into DarknessIn an interview with Buzzfeed, costume designer Michael Kaplan says he’ll be working on J.J. Abrams Episode VII.

“I’ve just learned I’ll be working on the new Star Wars movie, again with J.J. Everything just got formalized [last week], I haven’t even had the chance to talk to anyone about it all other than to be told ‘welcome aboard.’ It’s a little too soon to know exactly what’s in store but I’m excited, absolutely, to get to work on another prestigious sci-fi series.”

In addition to both Abrams Trek movies, Kaplan’s credits include Blade Runner and Fight Club. (via)

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  1. I think Star Wars is guilty of that too though. Padme in Attack of the Clones wears more than one costume meant to make her sexually alluring and then there’s the whole slave Leia thing. Star Wars is better though because there is no underwear in space so a scene like what we got in Trek II can’t happen here.

    I was hoping Trisha Biggar would return. I’m excited for someone new bringing in a new look to the series. But at the same time, does this just mean he’s going to dress everyone in black leather? Hopefully Kaplan looks into the past really deeply and extrapolates upon these ideas deeper than “make it black and leather.”

    Star Wars costumes are deeply about utility (Luke in Empire could be an electrician). Or the costumes are about opulence (the rich costumes of Padme to the slitery snake like costume Palpatine wears in Revenge of the Sith). The last component is a Japanese style for the really poor, basically Japanese farmer clothes from Kurosawa’s films. Then those deigns usually say something about the character rather overtly (this dude is a cowboy, this guy is a snake).

    A new look is great though. I am excited for that. But I just hope it doesn’t look like the Matrix because that look is so tiresome. I laughed in Star Trek when he dressed Spock and Kirk in black. I also laughed when he ripped off the Imperial Navy costumes from Star Wars.

    The guy’s work is good though.

  2. I don’t think you can blame the costume designer for being quoted without context. Plus: Those underwear shots were JJA’s decision, not Kaplan’s.

  3. Ugh. The underwear shot in STID was so far beyond gratuitous–like at least in ST09 it made sense in context if you squinted? This one was just bizarre. Total trailer-bait. I really hope we don’t get more of that in Episode VII.

    I do wonder why they didn’t get Trisha Biggar back. She did an excellent job on the prequels. You’d think they’d want to bring her in.

  4. Michael Kaplan has done good work on Star Trek. He did a nice job of balancing modern aesthetics and high-def filming with evoking the look of original Trek (the hairstyles and the chevrons printed into the pattern of the uniform shirt were both excellent details).

    So when I say “why not Trisha Biggar?” I don’t mean to knock on his work. It’s just she’s already proven her ability to build costumes that are a little bit science fiction, a little bit fantasy, and 100% Star Wars. Which makes me wonder if she just wasn’t available for some reason.

  5. annalee: totally agree. “I need to examine [spoiler] so first thing I need to do is change clothes in front of someone else. I’ll come up with a better plan to examine [spoiler] later.”

  6. Trisha Biggar was the best. Criminally unrewarded for stellar work. I saw the prequel costumes in person at the Dressing a Galaxy exhibit and they’re so much more detailed and gorgeous in person. Plus she really considered each character as she designed: Padme = water, Palpatine and that reptillian material. Perfect.

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