Stand down: No Episode VII at San Diego Comic-Con

Dark Horse booth at SDCC 2012There will be plenty of Star Wars at SDCC with Course of the Force, a huge floor presence and licensee panels, but there will be “no Episode VII content,” said last night. Cross your fingers for Celebration Europe and the D23 Expo.

Del Rey, Dark Horse and Hasbro will be holding Star Wars panels at SDCC on Friday, while Her Universe has one on Saturday. Del Rey released their signing schedule today while Dark Horse Comics posted their signing schedule yesterday.

4 Replies to “Stand down: No Episode VII at San Diego Comic-Con”

  1. Any chance we’ll get The Clone Wars Bonus Content info from SDCC? I haven’t paid attention to what panels they’re having, if any.

    1. There’s no Clone Wars panel at SDCC, but there are a couple at CE.

      CE is better suited for it, too. TCW might have worked at SDCC when it was the biggest thing going on, but if they did any announcements there at this point, the general audience would just be annoyed it’s not Ep7 stuff. (That applies to Rebels as well.)

      Unless there’s something at/on the booth, but I doubt it. It looks likes the only SDCC announcements we’ll be getting is licensee stuff: Del Rey, Dark Horse, etc.

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