Spying on Comic-Con

Feed your con envy! The Star Wars Official Site is going to be putting up a webcam to spy on all the fun at Comic-Con.

Hyperspace Members will also be able to see video clips and regularly-updated pictures from the con.

That will be really lovely. I might only cry a little bit while toiling away at my desk in boring ol’ mundanity.

3 Replies to “Spying on Comic-Con”

  1. I should have taken off for Comic Con. I need a vacation, I need it NOW (Not in August. NOW.) and I’m sitting on a ton of vacation time I won’t be able to use until October. Weep!

  2. And I can’t believe I *am* going. By looking at the schedule this isn’t going to be much of a vacation. Which is why I’m planning on absolutely nothing for JadeCon. ;-)

  3. But even going to a massive con where you run around like crazy is STILL way better than sitting at your desk staring at a pile of work.

    So enjoy it!

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