Spoilerphobes beware: Sizable batch of supposed Episode VII concept art is in the wild

spoilers-swirl-bespinI suppose it was only a matter of time.

Several pieces of supposed Episode VII concept art were posted overnight – some of which you may recognize from previous image leaks and/or the Making Star Wars descriptions (two new ones from the past day or so: a new alphabet ship, which I can’t spot in the new leaks, and a crashed fighter, which is.) There’s also a hefty chunk of stuff featuring the Millennium Falcon. They’re at Imageshack, at least at the moment.

Please keep in mind this is concept art, which means it may or may not have any relation to what actually shows up in the film.

If you don’t want to see any of this, stay off the hashtags on social media sites, because folks are being pretty indiscriminate.

5 Replies to “Spoilerphobes beware: Sizable batch of supposed Episode VII concept art is in the wild”

  1. Will we be allowed to discuss here, Dunc?

    Only two quick observations – one) it’s great to put some context to Jason’s descriptions after all these months and two) from the concept of the Daisey character “being seized,” it’s hard to imagine she wasn’t described to the concept artist as Leia’s daughter.

    1. Yes, but only in the comments of posts devoted to the spoilers, like this one – no springing them on the unsuspecting!

    2. The resemblance to Billie is what instantly grabbed my attention. (Remember the “Billie is playing Leia’s daughter” rumor a few months back? I’m wondering if this particular piece is what started that.) Also, it’s interesting that the character labeled as “Boyega” looks, well, nothing like John. It makes me think most of this art was done before casting was finalized, so… if this character is Leia’s daughter, using Billie as a stand-in is a cute nod.

  2. Looks like “Pirates Cove” is the name for the X-Wing base (which also has the Millennium Falcon present at it.) Also appears that there’s a new Correllian light freighter called “Carousel” that is slightly smaller than the YT-1300 Millennium Falcon-class.

  3. “Carousel” is supposedly the codename for the construction. I believe the size comparison was between the OT build (which was too small to fit the interior set) and the ST version, which is corrected for that mistake.

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