Spoilerphobes beware: A heartbreaking The Force Awakens rumor

spoilers-swirl-bespin2Jason has a lot of trust in his source on this report, but it’s a big one. I don’t think this is the biggest (possible) spoiler out there by any means (though consider how our last ‘big spoiler’ fizzled with additional leaks/information) but it’s still a pretty big thing if it’s true, and extremely probable.

So, consider yourself warned. Still want it? Head to Making Star Wars for even more warnings.

8 Replies to “Spoilerphobes beware: A heartbreaking The Force Awakens rumor”

    1. Yeah, I think that’s what makes it so believable, unlike the weird-ass cyborg one. Hell, it’s already so in the fandom consciousness that it’s conceivable that the spoiler-free could actually see some of what’s being said openly and not realize it’s ~*the big spoiler*~

      Perhaps the genius of this spoiler: By overplaying it, we’re actually underplaying it. Or they’re playing us.

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