Sorry, the RPF is in another castle

There is no Christian Bale fan fiction here. We like him and all, but not that much. might come up in Google for it (okay, I can’t find it, but I guess someone did) but all our fanfic is old and about the fictional people of Star Wars.

Answerer 3: It’s called Real Person Fiction, and it does indeed exist. There have been some actual fandoms devoted to the stuff. Sorry.

But since you clicked, have a consolation prize.

2 Replies to “Sorry, the RPF is in another castle”

  1. Yeah, the whole real person fiction thing squicks me quite a bit. Imagine finding a story about YOU (not a fictional character you played once, or created, but actually YOU) on the internet. ::shudder::

  2. I have a co-worker whose wife works on The Weather Channel. He found a fic with her, once. I think it finally broke him of the need to Google her.

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