Sorry collectors, you have to go to McDonalds

Well, at least they have bodies this time.

With the franchise really pushing the kid market lately (Thanks, Clone Wars!) it’s only natural that the Star Wars Happy Meals are coming back. The look here isn’t all that far off from the last round, but at least there are far less of them this time.

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  1. That’s going to be more popular in our house than the My Little Pony happy meals. She STILL thinks “Old Macdonalds” is holding out on her for not giving her more ponies.

  2. Great. More weight gain.

    I LOVE these toys! I have the previous BK ones, as well. So I’ll just have to go after these, too.

  3. Eliz pointed out on Twitter that they do offer apple slices and skim milk, these days.

    It doesn’t need to spell doom if you eat the Happy Meal.

    Plus, someone else Twittered that they’ll sell you the toys without the food.

  4. an interesting set of character and vehicle choices from across the entire saga –

    the four ships – 2 from OT, 2 from Prequels, all ‘good guy’
    the four characters – Anakin and Vader?

    is “The Clone Wars” not appealing enough that they think they need classic trilogy toys mixed in? who exactly is going to save McWorld from Vader? Anakin and Yoda? (or the happy meal eater).

    All wings report in:
    Red leader standing by
    Red six standing by
    Red-haired clown standing by…

  5. James, you’re hilarious.

    Bryan, I am trying but finding it very very hard to agree with you that McDonald’s marketing tactics are morally reprehensible. You can purchase items without buying a happy meal, and in fact can make very good food choices as my daughter does with apple slices (she skips the caramel) and plain milk with her chicken nuggets. It is a treat to go to “Old MacDonald’s” as she calls it, not every day fare.

    However- what I really can’t wrap my head around is calling out McDonald’s when there has not been a single product out there that has not had the SW logo or connection attempted or made at some point and time. This isn’t Calvin and Hobbes, it’s Star Wars. If you want to argue morally reprehensible action, maybe a better point to start was the acceptance of so many licenses when TPM was released. For someone starved for SW anything, even I hit my limit! Or the scalpers who pounced on anything with a SW logo and marked it up 100% at the local flea markets. That was morally reprehensible in my opinion.

  6. I’m still pissed off about all the weight I gained because of the Star Wars Pepsi debacle during TPM. Putting characters on food items of low or poor nutritional quality is wrong. I don’t care who does it or when. It’s just particularly bad when it’s at a place as bad as McDonalds…

  7. I think it’s a valuable chance to teach our kids about how to navigate food choices.

    Besides, the only ones who’ll be going crazy hunting these are the adults. The kids will be happy if they get them if they happen to go. Otherwise….

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