Something’s actually rotten at Livejournal this time

To be honestly I thought Strikethrough and all the related panic-filled hubris about naked Harry Potters were much ado about nothing… But Livejournal has finally done something to make me worry about the future of the site: They’ve laid off their product managers and engineers, according to Valleywag. Is the end nigh? Or will LJ’s large user base find some sort of salvation? Back up, and stay tuned…

UPDATE: There’s another report on LJ itself. It has a smaller number of layoffs, and lots of links, and I’d trust it more than Valleywag. Though I’d still do a backup.

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  1. except everyone’s freaking out trying to do a back-up and LJ Book isn’t working that well as a result. Sucks for the people who have macs!

  2. One reason I have both. Well, except my PC is a 5-year-old POS that’s really only good for playing Sims 2, and not even the newer expansion packs. :( And then stupid LJ Archive made me download .NET to run it. (I’m not ENTIRELY pleased with it, but it does take the comments, too.)

    Honestly though, I don’t think LJ is going to go away RIGHT NOW. Particularly the more I read about this. So it’s probably safe to wait a week or two for the panic to die down. Or poke around the LJ post for some other options.

  3. Apparently I’m not terribly attached to my old journal entries. I never tag them and never go back and read them.

    Still, I hope they stay afloat. I like the ease of it.

  4. Thank you. I ignore all the panic usually, but I trust The Mighty Dunc to be reasonable and not knee-jerk, so I downloaded ljArchive, and I’ll try backing up both my journals. I’m like Paula… I don’t go back and read a whole lot, and I never tag or anything. But I would hate to lose it, especially my fic journal, where I archive a lot of freewriting and research notes.

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