Someone who’s not writing for live-action Star Wars

Russell T. Davies, who revived Doctor Who for the BBC, turned down George’s offer to talk about the Star Wars live-action series, according to SFX’s review of his new book, The Writer’s Tale. Given that every female Who fan I know is not that fond of the guy I’m not shedding any tears… (via)

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  1. I think the more important thing to take away from this is that George even thought it was a good idea to talk to this guy about the series.

    What’s his idea of a fallback?

  2. Rumorville had him talking to people from all the major genre series – Lost, BSG, Heroes, etc. So it’s not that surprising.

  3. I’m not sure on the specifics because I try to skim as much as possible over Who talk, but much of it is the treatment of female characters. I do remember a lot of anger over how Donna was treated in the finale.

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