Sneak peek at Hallmark’s 2013 Star Wars ornaments

Star Wars in the 2013 Dreambook

Sure, it’s a little fuzzy, but you get the idea… And there’s a distinct Return of the Jedi vibe, fitting with this year being the movie’s 30th. We’ll get a closer look when the new ornaments go live on Hallmark’s site. And as for the event exclusive for SDCC and NYCC? It’s the rancor!

Thanks to Rach for the picture, and we’ll let you know when Hallmark takes it all up for public viewing.

5 Replies to “Sneak peek at Hallmark’s 2013 Star Wars ornaments”

  1. It’s about time we got some full-size Ewoks.

    I mean, really. It’s a tree. There have to be Ewoks in the trees.

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