Slave Leia: Art or objectification?

Looks like there’s an interesting podcast brewing on metal bikini costuming and feminism. Opinions are wanted!

2 Replies to “Slave Leia: Art or objectification?”

  1. When I was little, I thought the metal bikini was so cool-looking. I never saw Leia as anything but a kick-ass, intelligent woman, and even in the bikini she exuded confidence, defiance, and determination.

    I don’t think you can really judge those of us who don the metal bikini as bringing down Feminism. I can’t speak for the others, but I wouldn’t put on my bikini with the thought, “Oh, I hope I get groped and objectified by a slew of fanboys following me around hoping for a costume malfunction!” When are guys going to be held accountable for the way they treat women?

    Besides, there are so many other things that are demeaning to women. Why is the bikini such a big deal? /feminist bingo (Oh Oh! And the men are objectified too–remember when Obi-Wan got wet in AOTC? That’s totally like the same thing. Like totally.)

  2. Does this even require discussion? If you show up to a comic convention in a costume or naked people will give you attention. Mission accomplished. Knowing the cosplay mindset, I imagine that some people will try to say that they really just get into the character and that the nakedness is incidental. Those people are fucking insane in the membrane and their opinions do not matter. If assholes try to do things that you don’t like, you say,”Hey assholes, I don’t like that!” and call security if they do it again.

    If a woman likes being ogled by cretins and children in an unusual setting then that’s her right.

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