Singer Florence Welch for Episode VII? Dream on.

Florence WelchYeah, let’s call poodoo on this one right now. British tabloid The Sun is claiming that singer Florence Welch – of Florence and the Machine – is “being lined up for a leading role in the new Star Wars movie trilogy.” Riiiight.

They’re also claiming that Michael Jackson’s kids are “pushing for auditions,” because of course.

That said, if there’s a Mos Eisley bar-like scene featuring musicians planned in the new film, they could certainly do worse than a cameo from Welch. But for a lead role? I am beyond skeptical.

Oh, and she was born in 1986, which her makes her way too young to play Mara, so don’t even start. (via)

8 Replies to “Singer Florence Welch for Episode VII? Dream on.”

  1. She’s 27 years old? I’m 27. I would have figured her to be much older given her photos and such. I’m not a big fan of this rumor. Hopefully it’s just something to keep the fans entertained, but doesn’t have a grain of truth.

  2. Well, unless she’s to play Mara in a flashback, a bit like the one last Star Trek started with…

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