Sideshow expands Star Wars with new line

Sideshow has a new Star Wars line, Mythos. A couple of the figures look fairly interesting: A hermit Obi-Wan (in both Ewan and Sir Alec versions!) and a be-toged Darth Maul. And if this mean they’ll be doing figures of existing characters at non-movie points of their lives, maybe we’ll eventually see a couple insipired by post-Return of the Jedi. Here’s the money graph:

This line of collectibles will be populated by characters from new and existing story lines. We will bring history, unique details and personal choices to each in order to elaborate on who they are. Through the design and sculpt process our goal is to delve deeper into these established characters and offer our own interpretations of what they have done outside of the Star Wars canon.

Outside of canon!?! Eleventyone!

Anyway, the “new” part of the equation? Psst, there are a few existing characters you guys haven’t done yet, in any form. I mean, we are still waiting for that Mara. Or even, hell, a Leia wearing something other than the metal bikini. Or a Padme. Have they ever even done a Padme? An Ahsoka? What do the Gamorrean fans have that we don’t, Sideshow? TELL US. I promise we have many ladies willing to pony up for that Obi-wan if you do.

5 Replies to “Sideshow expands Star Wars with new line”

  1. Leia not wearing a metal bikini as in completely naked? Interesting. And probably a huge success with certain collectors, but probably a litte too non-PG. ;-)
    (Yes, I know you didn’t mean it like that but somehow I was reminded of some weird bare-breasted Pocahontas statue done by ARH… :-P)

  2. That early version of the Kenobi sculpture is amazing. Love that he’s carrying bits of his Clone Wars armor around on his pack. I’ve always wanted a novel or comic about Obi-Wan’s time on Tatooine and his transformation into the sort of mythic folk-figure who Luke sees him as in the beginning, so this might be the first Sideshow sculpt that I care enough to actually buy.

  3. Both figures look awesome!
    Although it’s hard for me to complain, it seems like Sideshow Maul has Sideshow Leia beat in how many ways to show skin, if not how much skin to show.

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