Shocker: Dollhouse survives for another season

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The Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd reports that Dollhouse is actually getting a second season – or at least 13 more episodes. An official announcement is expected Monday at the Fox upfronts.

4 Replies to “Shocker: Dollhouse survives for another season”

  1. Right? Of course NOW they decide to save the doomed Whedon show.

    Do they have the luxury of waiting to see how the movie does for SCC? Salvation comes out on the 21st, but if they have to have a yes or no by Monday…

    Though honestly I’m hoping for the entire Terminator ‘franchise’ to go away. I don’t see the appeal of it beyond T2 at all.

  2. I’m pretty glad about this. Dollhouse is a quality show, even if it’s not at Firefly’s level.

    I guess DVR and online viewing finally count for something, while all the people taping Firefly on their VCRs didn’t.

  3. That is… supremely unexpected… I mean, the crap ratings! The uneven pacing! The other thing! The show certainly improved in it’s second half, but with the numbers slipping each week, I’d have never expected a renewal.

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