‘Shipping your heart out

The 7 most romantic TV couples, according to MSN. Buffy and Angel come in at #2, something I honestly can NOT agree with, having just made the mistake of watching the schmultz-filled Angel S1 episode I Will Remember You, but to each their own. The X-File’s Mulder and Scully come in at #4, and Barnabas and Josette from the 60’s gothic soap opera Dark Shadows come in at #7.

Who’s your top TV romance?


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  1. Wow. This list was written by old people! Moonlighting? They haven’t been relevant in ages and I don’t think they’ve stood the test of time too well.

    Eh. Who knows? At least they got a few couples on the list.

  2. Steed and Peel made the list! I didn’t think anyone recognized them. They were Mulder and Scully before Mulder and Scully existed. And oh so British…

  3. Buffy and Angel? Ross and Rachel? Ew and double ew.

    At least they got M/S and Jamie/Paul right.

  4. Well, the Cheboygan library thinks that site’s “indecent” so I can’t look, but sheesh. (Btw, have I mentioned I hate internet filters?) But Buffy and Angel? Gag me. Ditto Ross and Rachel. I never even saw “Moonlighting.” However, yippee that someone remembered poor dear Barnabas Collins (to make a Barnabas Collins, add grenadine to a Tom Collins or better yet a Vodka Collins *rimshot*) and his lost love. Though given that it WAS a soap opera, one wonders which romance they should have chosen. I guess Josette is best–he came back from the dead for her reincarnation. Tough life.

    Two vampires on one list. We’re moving up in the world…

  5. BtVS provided us with several great romantic couples, but Buffy and Angel would never head my list.

    #1 Willow and Tara!

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