Shatner calls Abrams a ‘pig’ for taking Star Wars gig

ShatnerYou can always count on Crazy Fandom Grandpa William Shatner to fan the tired old Star Wars vs. Star Trek flames.

“He’s being a pig,” Shatner told Movie Fanatic. “He’s probably the most talented director of that ilk we have. But, he’s gone too far this time.”

Looks like Abrams is going to get a real tongue-lashing from the Captain next time they meet up… Maybe he should draft Shatner’s ‘nemesis’ Carrie Fisher for backup?

10 Replies to “Shatner calls Abrams a ‘pig’ for taking Star Wars gig”

  1. As a long time Shatner fan, he has the dryest sense of humour and I can guarantee J.J. is LOVING all this! Best era for Wars fans yet, and Trek will soon be on the rise again – win/win for all!

  2. Well, with Carrie Fisher saying weird things, you can always say that she’s just high again. With Shatner, it seems more like douchbagery as a lifestyle choice.

  3. JJ aside, Shatner and Fisher should take it on the road. Or at least to cons. ‘Star Feud’ would make for a pretty hilarious panel.

    Takei could moderate!

  4. I can kind of understand, given that Abrams apparently had a contract to make 3 Star Trek movies but left the franchise after making just 2. I’d be curious what the legal impact of his leaving is and what that contract with Paramount says.

  5. Dunc – I LOVE the idea of Shatner/ Fisher Star Feud panels with Takei as the moderator. They could sell tickets and make more money than George Lucas :)

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