Sean Bean is Ned and more Games of Thrones casting

The one pic on the internet where Sean Bean Boromir doesn't look like a psychopath!George R.R. Martin himself has good news from the first round of casting for HBO’s Game of Thrones adaption: Getting-killed-in-fantasy movies vet Sean Bean has, as rumored, signed on to play the role of Lord Eddard Stark. Martin says:

For the movie fans out there, Sean Bean needs no introduction. I mean, what the hell, he was Boromir and he was Sharpe, he was terrific in both roles, and in a hundred other parts besides. I can’t imagine a better Ned. The deal took some doing, so my fingers have been crossed for a month now (and boy, that made it hard to type), but now it’s done, and I’m thrilled.

And for the role of Robert Baratheon, Mark Addy, who you may recognize from A Knight’s Tale. There’s also news on some of the younger roles – including Jon Snow. Head on over to his Livejournal for the details!