SDCC’s Star Wars book and comic panel set for Friday; Does Denning have a post-FOTJ contract?

SDCC released their Friday schedule, and the wording on the Star Wars EU panel has folks speculating that Troy Denning is back for another round.

3:00-4:00 The Future of Star Wars Publishing: Dark Horse & Del Rey. Find out what’s coming up in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars publishing. Editors Randy Stradley and Dave Marshall from Dark Horse Comics discuss what’s next for Agent of the Empire, Dawn of the Jedi, Lost Tribe of the Sith, and Darth Maul, as well as reveal a new secret title that’s on the horizon. From Del Rey Books editors Frank Parisi and Erich Schoeneweiss, along with author Troy Denning (Apocalypse), look at new novels coming later this year from fan-favorite authors Timothy Zahn and Aaron Allston, as well as give a peek into 2013. Also on the panel is Jennifer Heddle, senior editor at LucasBooks. Moderated by author Pablo Hidalgo (Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion). Room 7AB

I think that the speculation might is almost certainly jumping the gun, and since Golden’s announcement came so late maybe that’s why she’s not a part of it… And who the hell writes these things anyway? Basically, I don’t know. So let’s not panic about Dark Nest 2: Electric Bugaloo just yet, okay? (via)

UPDATE: Roqoo Depot has some thoughts on the comic portion (which I won’t even touch,) but they also speculate that the book announcement might be the upcoming Kemp duology.

However, remember that Heddle told EUC last month about post-Fate: “We’ll be making an announcement about that at San Diego Comic-Con, so stay tuned.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some news on the duology, or even at it being set after Fate of the Jedi, but with Kemp’s wheelhouse thus far being rather niche, I’m not sure it would qualify as big enough news for a general con like SDCC. Still, it’s one of the few announced projects we have little-to-no detail on at the moment, making it a certain contender.

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  1. if comic-con hasn’t changed their practices in the past few years, blurbs for panels are written by the panel hosts themselves. CC might edit them for style continuity and bolding those panelist names, but in the past, they simply asked whoever was in charge of the program to do the blurb.

  2. Also interesting to note – Christie Golden is scheduled to be at Comic-Con, signing a Starcraft novel from another publisher. maybe she’ll be a last minute add to the panel, if Troy’s appearance is mostly just for FOTJ…

  3. This is just me being selfish and wanting to be there for the announcement, but I hope they save info on the Kemp duology for Celebration. Kemp has been rocking it.

  4. “…Does Denning have a post-FOTJ contract?…”

    Good gravy, I hope not.

  5. I second Stephen’s comment. I’ve had more than my fill of Denning.

  6. I’d actually like to see how Denning stands up in a Star Wars time period where they aren’t running a massive over-story event. I still look back very fondly on Tattooine Ghost, and would very much like to see him write another Star Wars book where everyone isn’t exhausted and emotionally distraught and on the verge of apocalyptic annihilation. I firmly believe that the man has better work in him than he’s been displaying in these collaborative event stories, just as I know that the other authors involved in them do.

  7. Hasn’t Denning ruined the GFFA enough? What he won’t be happen until he murders everyone?

  8. Doyle: Agreed, it would be interesting to see what Denning did in a non-collaborative setting.

    Of course, it might come out looking more like Dark Nest than Tatooine Ghost…

  9. The thought had occurred to me, Nanci. Even the Dark Nest books, though, pull the unfortunate double duty of serving as the major narrative bridge between the NJO and LotF. On their own they really aren’t much worse than the Black Fleet Crisis books or any number of other single entries from the ’90s (which is to say that they’re technically not bad, but lack the Star Wars spark and momentum) but when they’re ultimately forced to incorporate the blossoming disparity of Jacen’s perception of the Force, and the Order’s (and all of the conflict that comes with it) they go from merely lacking something to being tedious.

    At least that’s how I look at it.

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