SDCC: Star Wars Rebels debuts new trailer!

The Rebels panel at SDCC just wrapped up, and while there wasn’t really anything I’d consider huge news, they did debut a brand new trailer with quite a bit of new footage – and a few surprises.

Several clips were shown – here’s one:

Another is up on Entertainment Weekly.

The panel was live-blogged by Dan Brooks at, and the swag (first tweeted by James!) did reveal an Imperial Propaganda site, Holonet News. TFN has full audio.

There’s also another pre-panel video interview with Filoni, Prinze and Marshall on IGN.

And finally, tweets from the panel below the cut! Although there was a moment when someone questioned Tiya Sircar’s ‘geek cred’ (really, dudes?) it seems to have gone rather well.

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  1. To be honest with you, right now, I’m way more excited for Rebels than I am Ep VII. I’m sure Ep VII will be quite the spectacle, for sure, but these clips really just ooze Star Wars and have a far more contemporary feel than what’s come before. The pedigree of everyone involved and the quality of what’s been teased so far is so high. If the storytelling and writing hold up, this, and not the movies, may be carrying the torch.

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