SDCC roundup: Everything Star Wars

Comic-Con is over, and it’s time for a nap. (Damn you, Monday!) James’ pictures from Sunday begin here. Meanwhile, for those of you not online all weekend, here’s what went down for Star Wars. Some of these have had rather substantial updates after they were first posted!

Expanded Universe. Our focus, the books and comics, got some pretty big bombs dropped. Namely, we heard about our latest post-Fate of the Jedi novel, Crucible by Troy Denning, at the Star Wars books and comics panel. (James taped it! Others live-tweeted!)

Earlier, we had news of Star Wars, a new comic scripted by Brian Wood. It’s provoked plenty of discussion, both for the usual continuity issues and putting Leia in an X-Wing.

We’re also getting Vader’s Little Princess, a Leia-centric followup to Darth Vader and Son, and a Dawn of the Jedi novel by Tim Lebbon. There will be more book announcements at Celebration VI.

James also did an interview with John Jackson Miller, which is up over at Big Shiny Robot.

The Clone Wars. Lots of season 5 tidbits dropped, and the premiere will debut at Celebration VI.

Merchandise. Still nothing from Sideshow on their long-promised Mara Jade figure, but we did learn that a Mara mini-fig we saw at Celebration V is going into production as a Celebration VI store exclusive. It was also announced that Kotobukiya is going to do a Bishoujo Mara Jade, and Hasbro’s Jedi Mara figure will be in Wave 2 of the Droid Factory line. ‘

In other, less Mara news, Master Replicas is launching a Jedi costume line. Check out all that new Her Universe stuff!

Also. Course of the Force; Random House Audio bringing their fanfic-reading contest to CVI.

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