SDCC ’09: Star Wars Spectacular? Not so much…

Because SOMETHING here has to be spectacular...We got nothing, folks. Nothing. Okay, there was TFU and Clone Wars, but nothing else major. Not even Blu-Ray! The write-up is up for those of you who want a less grumpy take on things… My unhinged ramblings, and what Moulin Rouge has to do with The Clone Wars, are beneath the cut (or on the twitter.)

  • Celebration V will be held next summer. Somewhere. We don’t know. There’s speculation that they might announce at Wizard World, which I guess would make sense if the Chicago rumors are true. Still, HUGE let-down.
  • The big announcement was… A new version of The Force Unleashed is coming to Mac and PC. No, seriously. That was it.
  • The concert tour. We found out about that yesterday, but okay. And Anthony Daniels was there to talk it up, he might be worth tuning in tomorrow.
  • Season two of The Clone Wars will be a little darker, with ‘Hostage Crisis’ setting the tone. There will be more bounty hunters… At some point concept art of a young Boba Fett was shown. Oh, and those rumors about a love interest for Obi-Wan named Satine Sateen? TRUE. And they showed what sounded like the Disney Weekend footage and a live table reading.
  • The G4 people and their shenanigans sounded painfully unfunny. Their liveblogger was certainly clueless enough… 1UP is a better bet if you’re dying for a play by play. They at least brought some snark to the party.

Basically, my reaction can be summed up here. I’m certainly a lot less excited about watching it tomorrow… How funny would it be if they only announce something during the broadcast version? (Don’t hold your breath.)

On the plus side, the TFN live chat was kind of fun. At least we had each other to commiserate with.

11 Replies to “SDCC ’09: Star Wars Spectacular? Not so much…”

  1. I feel like we’re in a medicore SNL sketch. “What household item IS KILLLING YOU RIGHT NOW? Stay tuned until after the break and another three pointless segments!”

  2. I was following the SW panel via the web and Twitter and found it to be a massive disappointment. Massive. Disappointment.

    No discussion on the live action TV show?

    No discussion on Battlefront III?


  3. Dunc, I legit screamed when I saw that Moulin Rogue picture. I’m still trying to psych myself up for the G4 special tomorrow.

  4. Trufax: I cheered myself up watching all the Moulin Rouge clips that chick at the link has uploaded. I didn’t mean to, it just happened.

  5. I was actually at the panel. ITA with everything you’ve said. Multiply your disappointment by a hundred if you stood outside in the hot sun for 90 minutes waiting to get into Hall H and you’re really tired from a long day.

    I got more dish out of the smaller CW animation panel. We saw actual never-before-seen clips from the second season, not even stuff that was shown at Disney World.

  6. Hey, at least we had the TFN live chat. Talking about Star Wars with friends makes any bad Star Wars announcement that much better.

  7. Sound reasoning re: Chicago. (And yay!) Nobody wants to make an announcement like that and risk getting anything other than cheers.

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