SDCC ’09 quickie: CV, ‘In Concert’ comes to America

First off, TFN was reporting earlier that something from Hasbro was touting a 2010 Celebration V. (Their website now says “the next Star Wars Celebration.”) Presumably TFN caught an earlier version, but the site seems to be a victim of SDCC web traffic, and it’s down.

musical1As for official announcements, we now have the details of the Star Wars: In Concert (aka The Musical Journey) ‘worldwide’ tour, courtesy of a spiffy (and noisy) new site, The tour begins in Anaheim, California in October, with furthur dates in Pheonix, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Seattle, Portland, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Presumably more dates, perhaps more international ones or even something in the general vicinity of Detroit, are forthcoming.

And finally, The Force Trainer is now in the Star Wars Shop.

7 Replies to “SDCC ’09 quickie: CV, ‘In Concert’ comes to America”

  1. I certainly hope more dates are added. As long as there’s a concert somewhere in the Southeast, I’ll be happy.

  2. Yeah, EUC actually found it thanks to SW Action News podcast tweeting us and letting us know. It did say CV and it did say 2010. No doubt once Lucasfilm learned of it, down it went. Oh well, it had no location or dates anyway, so today still is incredibly exciting.

  3. I think that given their lineup for the first leg, there’s a very good chance this will be hitting nearly every large-to-medium sized market in the U.S. I fully expect to make the trek out to Pontiac to see this play The Palace. (Although it would be really cool downtown at Comerica Park. Maybe if it doesn’t make it here until spring?)

  4. I wonder if it’ll make it to the Breslin? Not that the Palace is all that far away, but it would be nice to see it locally.

  5. I live in Tulsa…so glad they are coming to Tulsa. Husband was very doubtful, but after finding out (today may I add) that is is coming here, very excited! Now that we have the BOK Arena here in Tulsa, we’re actually getting big acts…yay!

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