SDCC ’08: Star Wars day brings new Clone clip

A brand-new clip from The Clone Wars, The Battle of Christophsis, debuted (more or less) at the con and more importantly, is now online. Meanwhile, io9 has a video interview with Filoni.

And since Friday was Star Wars day, the official site has a transcript of the Lucasfilm panel (pretty much just The Clone Wars so far,) the making of Clone Wars, and Hasbro’s presentation.

4 Replies to “SDCC ’08: Star Wars day brings new Clone clip”

  1. Doh, the animation looks so stiff, and the face so… unmoving. Sorry but I KNOW there animators out there who can do a better job, either they didn’t have time, either the art direction was crappy.

    *a frustrated animator who doesn’t understand why a star wars animated feature can’t manage to be better than that!!!*

  2. so are the basically planning to show us the whole film out of order in clip-form?

    I mean really, it’s like they’re doing the microseries thing again, only with the scrambling of the episode order.

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