Sci Fi might bring back Tin Man

My feelings exactly, Zooey.Neal McDonough, one of the stars of the Sci Fi’s Tin Man, revealed that there are talks to bring the mini back as a series. The 2007 ‘miniseries event’ got Sci Fi mondo ratings – it’s still their most-watched show ever – but praise for it has been few and and far between. (On the other hand, it does seem to have a minor following on Livejournal.)

Now, I had Tin Man sitting on my DVR for months, and I finally watched it back in August. The series presented itself as a Wizard of Oz reboot, but the underlying premise was a bit more than that. Alas, you don’t really find that out – the thing that throws everything in perspective, which is that this is Oz generations after Dorothy – until the third hour. Which is, quite frankly, long after someone with a less developed trainwreck syndrome than Genevieve Valentine or I probably should have stopped watching. Maybe the ratings just prove that our collective trainwreck syndrome is stronger than I thought. (Just like American Idol!)

Could the mini’s few interesting concepts (there are a few others, though they pale to crap like ‘The O.Z.’ and cleavage monkeys) make a successful series? I don’t really know. But I can’t help but hope we don’t find out.

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  1. I didn’t mind Tin Man as a pleasant, and not-too-taxin, way to pass some time. And it’s lightyears better than their normal movies.

    But a series? Nope. There’s just not enough there.

  2. I’m with Paula; it wasn’t the best thing evar, but I enjoyed it.

    I think a series could work if it focused on just the Tin Man himself. His was really the only character I cared about, aside from the scarecrow.

  3. it was enjoyable as a mini-series with a set story. i’m not sure how a regular series would work. if they set it after the mini-series, i suppose they could have Dorothy return to the O.Z. and help run it, and have the Tin Man solve crimes or help fend off a war…

    Tin Man — way better than Taken or The Triangle.

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