Scalzi imagines a world without Star Wars

In his Film Critic column, sci-fi author John Scalzi imagines what would have happened if George Lucas had never made Star Wars. No Jar-Jar, sure, but what about Indiana Jones? Harrison Ford’s career? Pixar? Battlestar Galactica?

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  1. No ILM, no fun special effect movies like Ghostbusters, no Lord of the Rings, no Potter, no Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman or Batman movies, no comfortable (though soulless) movie theatres/megadromes, no crystal clear sound, no crystal clear picture, no video games industry on a modern day level, no comic book industry on a modern day level, no Photoshop, and it’s even a little doubtful whether or not the computer industry would have taken off the way it did. Word processing wouldn’t have taken high speed computers, after all.
    All in all a high price to pay for a world without Jar Jar. Especially since Jar Jar isn’t so bad. Watching TPM I found three or four moments that were too much, but all in all he was and still is cute. Plus Ahmed Best is a great guy and would be a highly entertaining host for any convention if only some people could get over the Jar Jar situation. :o

  2. Ahmed was an awesome host at the Celebration party. But I don’t know how he’d ever feel about wading back into fandom, at this point.

    I also have to admit to a soft spot for TPM, if for nothing but the fond memories of the anticipation. Oh. And Young Obi-Wan. And handsome Qui Gon. And where was I again?

  3. I agree, very fond memories of the whole TPM build up, I was in the States when it arrived and went back every three years to the same cinema to see the next one. Will always be hugely fond of the prequels.

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