Savage Oppress arc begins on The Clone Wars

Tonight’s ‘Nightsisters’ is the first of the Katie Lucas-penned Savage Oppress trilogy. (The character is voiced by Clancy Brown, who was interviewed by TV Guide.)

Check out another clip from the episode – and comments from Dave Filoni – at Big Shiny Robot.

And don’t forget that the show has a new time slot: 8:30pm.

UPDATE: An interview with Katie on CNN.

3 Replies to “Savage Oppress arc begins on The Clone Wars

  1. I say about two rows directly in front of him. I was very excited to have a Highlander behind me. Then Dave came out and announced he was playing Savage. Immediately I thought it would be a rad throwback to have him kill Captain Panaka.

  2. It’s weird that they talk about Clancy Brown becoming part of the Star Wars universe while forgetting that he already is – he played Jango Fett’s nemesis Montross in the video game Bounty Hunter.

    I know it’s an obscure game, but Brown gave a great performace (there’s also some funny ‘outtakes’, including one where Montross complains about being too old to play Anakin once they started filming the prequels).

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