Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Rebels character revealed

Buzzfeed has the scoop on who Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing on Rebels: One of the new Inquisitors, the Seventh Sister.

3 Replies to “Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Rebels character revealed”

    1. Prinze has said that she’s a Mirialan, like Luminara and Barriss. The other new Inquisitor is called the Fifth Brother. I don’t think they’re related to Dathomir, but who knows?

      1. Mirialan? Huh, I wouldn’t have guessed that from this clip. Her skin doesn’t look green-tinted at all. Then again, the Inquisitor last season was abnormally pale, too. Maybe the pasty look is just an Inquisitor thing.

        In any case, looks like a cool character! I’m excited for her. Hopefully she’ll have a bit more depth than Jason Isaacs’ cardboard cutout from last season.

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